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for Stronger Communities

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Consulting Company Based in Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska Center for Healthy Families is a project of Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC, a consulting company based in Omaha, Nebraska, providing services for corporations, nonprofits, and families. With more than 20 years of experience, we wish to empower families for healthier communities by providing life-span wellness and relationship education for the well-being of adults and children.
Consulting with a Family, Consulting Company in Omaha, NE

We Provide:
Faith-Based Wellness and Strategic Outreach
Teen Pregnancy Prevention—Relationship Education for Youth
Marriage and Relationship Education Seminars

Capacity Building—Community Advocacy—Mobilization
The Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC provides expertise in capacity building, which comes from years of experience working with nonprofit organizations serving youth and other specific populations.

This capacity building workshop is designed to assist the newer nonprofit, new board members, and those who are starting an organization to increase their capacity and effectiveness in order to serve their community.

Strategic planning, developing strong boards, effective marketing, social networking, community outreach and grant writing are among the many skills that we teach in these workshops.


Our Clientele Includes:

• Health Organizations
• Public Health Entities
• Faith-Based Organizations
• Housing Authorities
• Federal Health & Human Service Agencies
• Churches
• Parents of School Age Youth
• Nonprofit Organizations
• Public Health Departments
• Office of Minority Health
• Community Health Centers
• Schools & Youth Agencies
• Couples & Singles
• City & County Governments

• Corporate Wellness Departments
• Corporate Employee Assistance Programs
• Human Resources
• State Health & Human Service Agencies
• Native American Reservations

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• Recipient of the Charles Drew Community Health Center's Leadership Award
• Recipient of the Nebraska Minority Public Health Association Community Award
for Outstanding Leadership and Improving Racial, Ethnic, and Minority Health Services
• Member at Omaha Empowerment Network