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Faith-Based Initiatives from Omaha, Nebraska

Church-based and community health promotion interventions can reach broad populations and have great potential for reducing health disparities. From a socio-ecological perspective, churches and other religious organizations influence members' behaviors at multiple levels of change.

Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC of Omaha, Nebraska, assists with the design of appropriate faith-based initiatives, strategies, and messages for diverse groups and denominations. A collaborative partnership approach utilizing principles of community-based participatory research and involving churches in program design and delivery is essential for recruitment, participation, and sustainability.

For African Americans, health interventions that incorporate spiritual and cultural contextualization have been effective. Evidence indicates that church-based health programs have produced significant impacts on a variety of health behaviors.

Cross and Heart Clouds

Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC, is a trusted faith-based conduit can serve as your outreach services coordinator and training facilitator in promotion of policy changes and preventive practices associated with:

• Cardiovascular Disease
• Cancer
• Obesity
• Glaucoma
• Stroke
• Underage Drinking & Substance Abuse

• Teen Pregnancy Prevention
• Diabetes

• Immunizations
• Infant Mortality

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