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Relationship Education from Omaha, Nebraska

Relationships are the very essence of our being. From the moment we take our first breath to the second we breathe our last, our lives are spent pursuing the security, fulfillment, and passion that come from a deeply held connection with others. Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC of Omaha, Nebraska, offers relationship education seminars for couples and singles. Contact us for more details.

How to Build Healthy Fulfilling Relationships
Our resources are data driven and are developed with the best of what science has to offer regarding what makes relationships work and what makes them fail. It is our hope that we can ignite change and revolutionize relationships through our trainings, seminars, speakers and resources.

Through risk avoidance strategies, marriage and relationship skills training, and innovative curricula and leadership development, Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC is working to usher in a whole new era of revitalized relationships. The change has already begun. We hope you will join us in our efforts. We know together the work we do will impact communities and families for many generations to come.

Marriage and Relationship Education for:

• Singles    
• Dating Couples  • Engaged Couples   • Parenting Couples • Married Couples

Our Seminars
Our marriage and relationship education seminars are designed for singles and couples who want to improve their communication, grow closer, handle the stresses of daily life and find continuing joy in being together. This 3-step program is useful, upbeat, fun, and best of all, it works!

Couple Enjoying a Dinner, Relationship Education in Omaha, NE
Skills provided by the Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC are quickly acquired and effective. Old patterns are replaced with new behaviors that encourage feelings of trust, respect and affection. Laughter becomes a daily occurrence and romance returns often even stronger than before.
Whether you are single, beginning a new relationship, seriously dating, engaged, living together, parenting together, married, or just thinking about marriage, you will discover how to strengthen your relationship in 3 fun and informative steps:

Call Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC to learn more about our positive, life-changing programs and seminars.